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Evidence based.
Medically proven.

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Evidence based.
Medically proven.

An important topic for every woman over the age of 50

Osteoporosis is a widespread disease. More than half of all women over 50 suffer from it. You should know at the latest when the first symptoms of menopause appear if you are showing signs of osteoporosis. Take advantage of this early stage! What may remain hidden for years on an X-ray, this test shows now, and it gives you certainty. You can then start therapy much earlier and live without complaints in old age.

Maintain your quality of life

Thanks to osteolabs early test you could prevent osteoporosis symptoms:

  • Bone fractures
  • Back pain
  • Increasing hunchback
  • Decrease in height

Chance of healing: A building block for your therapy

osteolabs is more than just a test to determine measured values. It can be used to track therapy, to check the change in bone values at regular intervals and to monitor the success of the therapy.

How does the test work?

Order OsteoTest

Send in urine sample

Receive result report
(real example)

Advantages of the osteoporosis early test:

Around the clock

Easy & painless to perform at home

Without X-rays

Comprehensive result report

Telephone hotline with experts

Results within a few days

What our customers say

"Osteoporosis is an issue for all of us - even for me as a former competitive athlete. My value was in the endangered red range. I wouldn‘t have thought that, because I eat healthily and take care of my body. Osteoporosis may be detected later, but the disease starts much earlier. It has always been important to me to take care of my health and to take preventive action, not to act when it is too late."

— Heike Henkel
Olympic champion

"I was very lucky to have had this test and I am very grateful to my daughter for her persistence. Even though I was already a little older than 50, my doctor was still able to successfully stop the progression of the disease because of the early diagnosis. Today I live without pain and broken bones and I am happy that I can actively participate in life."

— Gisela Schäfer

"This test has given me confidence with regard to the therapy. My doctor can assess whether the medication I am receiving is correctly diced and leads to the desired success - namely, that the excessive loss of bone mass is stopped. I can continue to be active and don't have to worry about my bones becoming porous unnoticed."

— Isabel F.

"As a man in my early 30s, I didn't think I would have to deal with osteoporosis, but it turned out differently. It was preceded by sudden, severe pain in the spine during sports. With Osteolabs you don't determine the absolute bone density, which changes only very slowly. Instead, you get a statement on whether the bone density is currently developing positively or negatively and thus also whether the current treatment is working. I can also only recommend that other people who do not yet have any bone fractures take a look at their bone health."

— Niklas H.

For physicians

With the OsteoTest, you can supplement your previous DXA diagnostic procedure and reliably detect osteoporosis after a short time without radiation exposure.


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