Vores hjemmeside er i øjeblikket stadig på engelsk. Vi beder om forståelse, mens vi arbejder på en dansk version. Det vil dog tage noget tid. Vi beklager ulejligheden og håber, at du stadig kan holde dig informeret her på siden.

Evidence based.
Medically proven.

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Evidence based.
Medically proven.


On this page we give you the opportunity to report your experiences with the OsteoTest.

We have changed the names at your request. Texts and results refer to real customers. The creation of the testimonials was done in close coordination with the respective persons.
More reports will follow in the course of time.

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"Osteoporosis is an issue for all of us - even for me as a former competitive athlete"

"I was very lucky to have taken this test!"

A rickshaw ride with unexpected consequences - who would think of a fractured vertebra?

Vertebral fracture during sport


We will be happy to answer any further questions
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Marion Meinen

Marion Meinen

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