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Evidence based.
Medically proven.

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Evidence based.
Medically proven.

What our physicians and pharmacists say

"Thanks to osteolabs, I was able to visualize that the CBM values of my patient had already risen to the age-appropriate mean value after 8 days. Thus, I was able to prove the success of the therapy after a very short time. The test offers good possibilities before and during therapy - that's why I recommend it to my patients."

— Bettina Wihlfahrt
Ob-gyn, Kiel, Germany

"At the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH), this novel early osteoporosis test has been clinically validated and published by me as co-author in the journal "Bone Reports 10 (2019). We have been successfully using this early test, which is based on calcium isotope fractionation by mass spectrometry, here at UKSH since 2019."

— Dr. med. Michael Müller
Senior Physician of the Clinic for Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery of the University Hospital SH, Kiel, Germany

"I like to use the test as a supplement to the DXA procedure when the DXA measurement is inconsistent with the clinical findings. The procedure is also very helpful in borderline findings. But also in cases where patients express some reluctance to undergo specific therapy, the procedure can be very helpful for informed counseling and decision-making."

— Dr. med. Erik Kelter
Orthopedist & Trauma Surgeon, Cologne, Germany

"Osteoporosis should be diagnosed as early as possible. Only then will your customers have the best possible chance of living symptom-free with this disease in old age. In addition, there should be reliable measurement methods that can accompany a therapy and prove therapy successes. This test can be used to determine whether a therapy is effective and the associated medication is optimally adjusted."

— Arne Kulm
Pharmacist, Kiel, Germany


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